What Female Singer Is A Cop?

What celebrity is also a police officer?

This list of famous cops and police officers include Theodore Roosevelt, Shaquille O’Neal, Chuck Norris, and more.

Throughout history, many movie stars have also worn a badge during their lives, such as Steven Seagal and Dan Aykroyd..

Is La Toya Jackson married?

Jack Gordonm. 1989–1997La Toya Jackson/Spouse

How old would Michael Jackson be now?

Today, he would have been 61 years old. Last year, his family, friends and fans celebrated his 60th birthday in Las Vegas and Paris and Prince accepted the Legacy Award for Humanitarian Service from the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation on behalf of their late father.

Are the Jacksons Jehovah Witnesses?

Michael Jackson Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine, left the Baptist tradition in 1963 to become a devout Jehovah’s Witness. He disassociated himself from the Jehovah’s Witnesses, in response to their disapproval of the Thriller video in 1987, when he was 29.

What is LaToya Jackson’s net worth?

LaToya Jackson net worth: LaToya Jackson is an American singer, songwriter, author, actress, and television personality who has a net worth of $4 million dollars.

What famous person is a police officer in Muncie Indiana?

Muncie – Erik Estrada, La Toya Jackson, Jack Osbourne and other celebrities are training as reserve police officers in Muncie as part of a new reality show. Muncie Police Chief Joe Winkle issued uniforms to the recruits Monday.

What female celebrity is a cop?

La Toya JacksonSinger–songwriter.actress.activist.philanthropist.model.author.businesswoman.reserve police officer.More items…

What is the most realistic police show?

NYPD BlueNYPD Blue. A groundbreaking police procedural with gritty cases, a gritty Manhattan precinct, and gritty, realistic detectives.

Who is the richest Jackson?

Michael Jackson’sOverall, Michael Jackson’s net worth is estimated at $500 million, and the net worth of his sister, Janet Jackson, is said to be $175 million. Here’s what we know about Joe Jackson’s money.

Is Michael Jackson the youngest?

Michael Jackson was one of nine children, meaning he had eight siblings. MJ was one of the youngest children of the family, as he had six older siblings and only two younger siblings. He was born on August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana, where his family lived and grew up.