What Are The Home Tab Commands?

What is Home tab in MS Excel?



The Excel Home Tab is used to perform common commands such as bold, underline, copy, and paste.

It is also used to apply formats to cells in a worksheet.

The table below describes the commands in each of the groups in the Home Tab..

What is Home tab used for?

The Home Tab displays the most commonly used commands. In Word and Excel these include Copy, Cut, and Paste, Bold, Italic, Underscore etc. The commands are arranged in groups: Clipboard, Font, Paragraph, Styles and Editing.

What are the 7 tabs of Microsoft Word?

Tabs are similar to the old menu system. However rather than having a selection of menus, when you change the Tab, you will see a different command set on the Ribbon. In Word there are eight tabs along the top; File, Home, Insert, Page Layout, References, Mailings, Review, and View.

How many tabs in MS Excel?

seven tabsRibbon and Tabs in Excel It contains seven tabs: Home, Insert, Page Layout, Formulas, Data, Review and View. Each tab has its own specific groups of related commands.

What is on the Home tab?

1. In general, the home tab is a tab or button in an application or web page that returns you to the home section. 2. In Microsoft Office, the Home tab is the default tab in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and other Microsoft Office products.

What are the tabs in MS Word?

Tabs in Word are used to align text in your document. You can use the default tab stops in Word or create your own tabs; the tabs you create will be indicated on the ruler.

What are Microsoft Word features?

10 Supremely Useful Features in Microsoft WordConvert a List to a Table.Convert a Bulleted List to SmartArt.Create a Custom Tab.Quick Selection Methods.Add Placeholder Text.Changing Case.Quick Parts.Touch/ Mouse Mode in Word 2013.More items…

What is the correct layout of groups on Home tab?

For example, the home tab has five groups: Clipboard, Font, Paragraph (circled below), Styles, and Editing. A dialog box is opened when you click on the arrow in the bottom corner of a group. The dialog box gives more options and commands to format documents in one given area.

What is the View tab?

The View tab enables you to switch between Normal or Master Page, and Single Page or Two-Page Spread views. This tab also gives you control over showing boundaries, guides, rulers, and other layout tools, zooming the size of your view of the publication, and managing Publisher windows you have open.

How do I get Excel to stay on Home tab?

Click Show Tabs to display the Ribbon tabs without the commands. To access the commands in the Show Tabs option, click any of the tabs. Click Auto-hide Ribbon to hide all tabs and commands. By using this option, you get the largest amount of screen space when you view your workbook.

What is the Insert tab in Excel?

EXCEL INSERT TAB The Insert Tab is used to insert objects such as charts, pictures, hyperlinks, headers and footers, and text boxes. The table below provides a list of the different groups and buttons that appear on this ribbon.

What are the uses of the Clipboard group in the Home tab?

a) Clipboard: – This group contains frequently used commands: Cut, Copy, Paste and Format painter. Clipboard option allows us to collect text and graphic items and paste it. b) Font: – We use this option to change the font style and font-size. We can make it bold, italic and underline.

What is the Home tab on Microsoft Word?

Purpose. The Home Tab is about the basics of how text looks when it is printed or displayed online. It gives access to both direct and Style-based formatting. Because of the importance of Styles to using Word effectively, it devotes a great deal of space to Styles.

What is the meaning of Insert tab?

The Insert tab contains various items that you may want to insert into a document. These items include such things as tables, word art, hyperlinks, symbols, charts, signature line, date & time, shapes, header, footer, text boxes, links, boxes, equations and so on.