Quick Answer: Who Is Soul Regaltos?

Who is MortaL’s girlfriend?

In an exclusive conversation with GuruGamer, MortaL spoke in detail about his relationship status with Raven.

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Why did Owais leave SouL?

Consequently, Scout left Soul clan after the controversy. He had started preparing for the ongoing PMIT along with the other three teammates. So, Ronak and Owais also left the clan to join Scout in pursuit of the trophy.

Which phone does scout use for PUBG?

iPhone 11 Pro MaxScout uses the 4 Finger Claw Setup and plays in an iPhone 11 Pro Max. He is also good friends with another famous PUBG Mobile player, Mortal.

Who started SouL Clan?

Biography. In 1966 Burke teamed with fellow Atlantic artists Wilson Pickett, Don Covay, Otis Redding, and Joe Tex to form a coalition called The Soul Clan. In a 1992 interview Burke indicated that The Soul Clan asked Atlantic to advance $1 million to them.

Who is better scout or MortaL?

Both the players have awe-inspiring and impressive stats. In the previous season, Scout had more kills and higher K/D than Mortal. However, when it came to the win rate, it was Mortal who had the upper hand. In the current season, Scout is ahead in both the departments.

Is ReGaLToS a good player?

Soul Regaltos is a renowned competitive PUBG Mobile player. He is considered as one of the best assaulters in the country, and is well-known for winning 1v1 battles over close ranges in the game. … Currently, he is staying at the Soul Gaming House in Mumbai, alongside his Team Soul teammates.

Who are the members of SouL?

The members of TEAM SOUL are Mortal, Owais, Viper, Ronak. TeamIND and Indian Tigers from India were knocked off in the prelims stage. X-Quest, Purple Mood Esports, Team Queso, Top Esports and All Rejection Gaming were the top 5 teams which qualified into the finals from the prelims.

What is the real name of SouL Regaltos?

Parv SinghSoul Regaltos is an Indian esports player. Whose real name is Parv Singh.

Who is the richest PUBG player?

Mohammed Owais LakhaniMohammed Owais Lakhani, popularly known as Owais is a team India PUBG player who currently plays for the team Fnatic Mobile. His income from tournaments alone is reported to be Rs. 1.2 crores not to mention Rs.

Who is SouL MortaL?

Naman Mathur, popularly known as SouL MortaL is a popular Indian mobile gamer. He is the owner of the YouTube channel MortaL. On his channel, he uploads gaming highlights and streams PUBG almost every day. MortaL real name is Naman Mathur.

Who is the best PUBG player in the world?

Top 10 PUBG Mobile playersRRQ D2E. Bawonchai Han who is known by his PUBG alias RRQ D2E is a 23-year-old PUBG mobile player based out of Bangkok. … Athena Gaming. … SOUL Mortal. … Biu Biu. … Rollexxx. … Panda. … BTR Zuxxy.

Who is the owner of SouL PUBG?

Naman “MortaL” Sandeep MathurNaman “MortaL” Sandeep Mathur – SouL He is also the team owner of SouL, a renowned Indian Esports organisation focused on PUBG Mobile.

Who is God of PUBG?


Who is better mortal or Dynamo?

Comparison. Both Dynamo and Mortal have impressive and formidable stats. In the present season, Mortal has a better K/D ratio of 4.24 but Dynamo is not far behind with a K/D of 4.04. However, the latter boasts of a better win rate than Mortal in the current season.

Who is Biu Biu?

BIU BIU is a young PUBG Mobile pro player from Malaysia. He is one of the strongest PUBG Mobile players in the world. He started his PUBG carrier with Chinese serves. … He also has a YouTube channel where he streams PUBG Mobile regularly.

Did Regaltos leave SouL?

The fans have big hopes from team Soul which now has Soul Regaltos, former Fnatic IGL Sangwan, and Aman for PMIS 2020. The two players from SouL; Ronak and Owais has left the team due to some internal issues with the manager 8Bit Thug.