Quick Answer: What Is The Abstract Noun Of Hero?

What is the abstract noun of sell?

The abstract noun for the word ‘sell’ is ‘sale..

What is another name for a hero?

What is another word for hero?saviorUSsaviourUKchevalierrescuerGood Samaritanbrave mangreat mando-gooderman of the hourman of courage16 more rows

Is God an abstract noun?

God is a concrete noun. … There are many concrete nouns for things we trust or pretend to exist, but we will never see. An abstract noun is a word for a concept or idea that cannot physically exist, or be represented physically. Happiness, health, fear and love are abstract nouns.

What is the abstract noun of honest?

Answer and Explanation: The word ‘honesty’ is an abstract noun. This word refers to the quality or characteristic of being honest and truthful.

What is abstract noun of see?

The abstract noun of see is sight. The abstract noun of see is formed by adding the suffix -ight and dropping the -ee…

What is the abstract noun of wise?

wisdomThe abstract noun for wise is wisdom. Noun refers to any person, place or thing.

What is the noun form of wise?

The word ‘wise’ is a noun. Example: “That’s the way it crumbles, cookie wise.” The noun form for the adjective wise is wiseness. A related noun form is wisdom.

What type of noun is hero?


What is adjective of nation?

of, relating to, or maintained by a nation as an organized whole or independent political unit: national affairs. owned, preserved, or maintained by the federal government:a national wildlife refuge. peculiar or common to the whole people of a country: national customs.

What type of noun is cleanliness?

abstract nounCleanliness and godliness are abstract noun .

What is the noun of forgive?

noun. noun. /fərˈɡɪvnəs/ [uncountable] the act of forgiving someone; willingness to forgive someone to pray for God’s forgiveness the forgiveness of sins He begged forgiveness for what he had done.

What is the abstract noun of owner?

The abstract noun for the Owner is Ownership. It is this simple, as the main abstract of the owner is ownership. Owner means the owner of a specific thing to say it to a shop or any business or any article. Whereas the ownership means in the abstract result of the owner.

What is the abstract noun of poor?

PoornessPoorness is the most directly derived abstract noun of poor, however poverty is also derived from the same Latin root pauper.

What are hero examples?

Examples of heroes range from mythological figures, such as Gilgamesh, Achilles and Iphigenia, to historical and modern figures, such as Joan of Arc, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Sophie Scholl, Alvin York, Audie Murphy, and Chuck Yeager, and fictional superheroes, including Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, and Captain America.

What is the verb of wise?

Definition of wise (Entry 2 of 7) intransitive verb. : to become informed or knowledgeable : learn —used with up. transitive verb. : to give instruction or information to : teach —usually used with upwise him up about procedures.

What is the adjective of hero?

adjective. /həˈroʊɪk/ 1showing extreme courage and admired by many people synonym courageous a heroic figure Rescuers made heroic efforts to save the crew. showing great determination to succeed or to achieve something, especially something difficult We watched our team’s heroic struggle to win back the trophy.

What is the abstract noun of hate?

Abstract Noun ListLoveAngerHatePeaceLoyaltyIntegrityPrideCourageDeceitHonestyTrustCompassionBraveryMiseryChildhood1 more row

What is the abstract noun of succeed?

SUCCESSAnswer: An abstract noun is a noun that refers to an idea or a general quality. … So the abstract noun for ‘SUCCEED’ is ‘SUCCESS’.