Quick Answer: What Is CAJ?

How do you spell Catch?

verb (used with object), caught, catch·ing.

to seize or capture, especially after pursuit: to catch a criminal; to catch a runaway horse.

to trap or ensnare: to catch a fish.

to intercept and seize; take and hold (something thrown, falling, etc.): to catch a ball; a barrel to catch rain..

What does FHx mean in medical terms?

family historyFHx. family history (in medicine, meaning specifically the medical histories of family members and ancestors) FIBD.

What does CAJ mean?

CAJAcronymDefinitionCAJCanaima, Venezuela (Airport Code)CAJChristian Academy in JapanCAJCentre d’Accueil de Jour (French: Daycare Center)CAJCentre Animation Jeunesse (French: Youth Animation Center; various locations)21 more rows

What does FOF stand for?

FOFAcronymDefinitionFOFFeast of FoolsFOFForce-On-ForceFOFFact or FictionFOFFriend or Foe64 more rows

How do I open a CAJ file?

It is quite similar to the more popular and better-known PDF document format. The only program able to open CAJ files without any problem is the CAJViewer by CNKI. To make CAJ files more accessible, they can also be exported into the PDF or TXT format by said program.

What is short for casual?

The obvious correct spelling for the single-syllable shortened form of casual so often used in informal speech is caszh. We need the S to hearken back to the spelling of the word we’re trying to abbreviate. (Caj, by contrast, might look like an abbreviation of cajun or cajole to the uninitiated.)

What’s another word for casual?

What is another word for casual?apatheticindifferentblithecarefreecavaliercomplacentdisinterestedeasygoingflippantincurious97 more rows

How do you say usual slang?

“The ushe” is short for “the usual”. But the shortening requires a respelling to get the right sound (which I expect is “the yoozh”.)

How do you spell schedule?

Other users have misspelled schedule as:scheduale – 10.5%schedual – 8.96%schedu – 7.53%shedule – 4.98%schedul – 4.74%scedule – 4.74%schdule – 3.68%shcedule – 2.85%More items…