Question: How Do You Say School In Navajo?

How do you say mad in Navajo?

MAD: Angry, insane.

Ahach~’; ahooch~~d.

MADNESS: Craziness; mental illness.

Bini’ doo axwe’e da; ahacht’..

What does Gushii mean in Navajo?

The Navajo word sháńdíín means sunlight, or sunshine, in English. It shares the same root (-díín) with adinídíín, but it specifically refers to the sun’s light – its beams or rays. It’s the shared root that refers to something that is emitting light.

How do you say Jesus loves me in Navajo?

Diné Bizaad (Navajo) The literal English translation is written below each Navajo word to help learn the words and meaning of the song. Enjoy!

How do you say sit in Navajo?

The Navajo word sédá is an action or condition of sitting.

How do you say I’m sorry in Navajo?

There is no real way of saying “I’m sorry” in Navajo. No word for “forgive me” exists.

How do you say dumb in Navajo?

Diigis=Stupid – Navajo Word of the Day | Facebook.

How do you say yes in Navajo?

Aoo’ means yes, the affirmative answer or statement. It is literally the opposite of “no.”

How do you say love in Navajo?

Ayóó Ánííníshní (I love you in Navajo)

How do you say poop in Navajo?

Also shortened to just łééchąą’, the Navajo word łééchąą’í refers to domesticated dogs. Inside this word is the separate chąą’. This is a word meaning ‘excrement, feces, poop, etc.

How do you say beautiful in Navajo?

Nizhóní means beautiful. On one hand it can refer to something that’s attractive, and on the other it refers to something that is good. This is because the Navajo idea of beauty goes beyond appearances.

How do you say really in Navajo?

translation and definition “really”, English-Navajo Dictionary onlineCopy to clipboard. Details / edit. enwiki-01-2017-defs. doo kááʼgóó actually.tááshʼaaníí { adverb } actually.en.wiktionary2016. tʼáásh aaníí indicating surprise at, or requesting confirmation of, some new information.

How do you say drunk in Navajo?

The Navajo word “glonnie” meaning “drunkard”.

How do you say God in Navajo?

godCopy to clipboard. Details / edit. Dbnary: Wiktionary as Linguistic Linked Open Data. Diyin Ayóo Átʼé diyin ayóí átʼéii. { noun } deity.en.wiktionary2016. haashchʼééh. { noun } deity.

What does Yadilah mean in Navajo?

Jééhkał Summary: The Navajo term jééhkał is a way of saying that there’s been a loss of hearing. It is used to describe both those that are hard of hearing and those that are completely deaf.