Question: How Can I Set BSNL Free Caller Tune?

What is free PRBT in BSNL?

PRBT means Personalized Ring Back Tone.

You can get a personalized ring back tone for your number for free when using certain BSNL prepaid data plans.

These BSNL net packs offers user both data and a free dialer tone..

How can I copy a caller tune?

If you like your friend’s caller tune and want to copy it then follow this simple step. All you have to do is press the star button next time when you call the person whose caller tune you wish to copy. Jio will seek your consent in a message where you will have to give the confirmation in a text reply with ‘Y’.

How activate BSNL free caller tune?

Activation methods are:By Dialing 56700 and following IVR instructions.By sending as SMS to 56700.By copying the song from another BSNL Mobile Number.Activation via My BSNL Mobile Application.Activation via BSNL Tune Web Portal.Activation via My BSNL Tunes app.

How can I set a specific caller tune?

How to Set Airtel Caller Tune for Specific Number Dial 5787809 from your Airtel number first. Choose your language, then press 1 to subscribe to the Airtel Hello Tune service. Confirm your activation request by pressing 5. After subscribing to the Airtel hello tune service for 30 minutes to be fully active.More items…•

Is idea giving free Caller Tune?

Free Lifetime Caller Tune for IDEA. The default caller tune is HUNNY BUNNY. 2) The message will arrive from 5430006376 just reply 1. 3) The caller tune will be activated for 30 days for 0 rs.

How can I set my own voice tune in Airtel?

To avail the “Your Name Your Tune” service, send an SMS NT to 543215 (TollFree). Then choose from search results of names presented and set the same as hello tune.

How do I change my caller tune on Android?

Change call settingsOpen the Phone app .Tap More. Settings.Tap Sounds and vibration. To pick from available ringtones, tap Phone ringtone. To make your phone vibrate when you get a call, tap Also vibrate for calls. To hear sounds when you tap the dialpad, tap Dial pad tones. (If you don’t see “Dial pad tones,” tap Keypad tones.)

What is number of Airtel caller tune?

NameNumberSMS543215Call543211Record a song57878To Copy Hello TunePress *9 (for Airtel nos only)4 more rows

How can I set free caller tune?

How to Set Free Caller Tunes without amount?After installing, open the app and set up your Call Me Tune.Go to Menu bar at the top left corner and select Register Call Me Tune option.

How can I set my own caller tune in BSNL?

Dial *567# and follow the ussd instructions to activate the Bsnl caller tune with ussd method. Call on 56700, 56789, 56768 (Rs 2/ minute), and select a Dialer Tone from the available options. You can send SMS to 56700. BT code is an important code for the particular song you want to set bsnl caller tune.