How Much Does A Stylist At Maurices Make?

How often do Maurices employees get paid?

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The pay periods for this company are set to bi weekly.

Pay period is bi weekly..

Is Maurices Clothing good quality?

Overall, they are very good quality. Their pants are by far my favorite. It usually depends on what the clothes are like but. Most of the clothes I have bought from there are not bad.

Does Maurices drug test?

No, no drug testing was required.

Where does Maurices make their clothes?

Maurices is an American clothing chain founded in 1931 that features a range of women’s clothing. Maurices does not provide information on their sourcing policy or manufacturing practices. Their clothing is primarily made in China, India and Bangladesh.

How much do you make at Maurices?

How much does Maurices in the United States pay? Average Maurices hourly pay ranges from approximately $9.00 per hour for Sales Manager to $19.78 per hour for Store Manager. The average Maurices salary ranges from approximately $21,448 per year for Customer Service Representative to $43,528 per year for Store Manager.

Do Maurices employees work on commission?

Maurices is an excellent place to work for young college girls (or guys, if you don’t mind selling women’s fashion and can do it well). You have to reach above your minimum sales goals every day/week as a part of your expected job performance (not commission, you are payed hourly still).

Do Maurices clothes run small?

Yes absolutely true to size! Very true to size. I love that about this store. … Their siZes usually run true to size.

What is the starting pay at Maurices?

Salary satisfaction Average Maurices Retail Sales Associate hourly pay in the United States is approximately $9.83, which is 18% below the national average.

Do Maurices employees get a discount?

Not only do we offer a 401(k) plan, but we also provide competitive pay, paid time off, a 40% associate discount, adoption assistance, tuition assistance, flexible spending account, and many more options to help our associates meet or exceed their financial goals.