How Do You Call 311 In Toronto?

How do I email 311?

If you wish to submit a service request, please call or email us at

Some service requests can also be submitted online on the 311 website.

If you call or e-mail us, please include the following information: Your name..

What does 611 mean on cell phone?

For customers of some telephone companies in Canada and in the U.S., 6-1-1 is the abbreviated dialing telephone number used to report a problem with telephone service, or with a payphone. It is an N11 code of the North American Numbering Plan that are used for special services.

Can you call 311 outside NYC?

Call 3-1-1 or 212-NEW-YORK (212-639-9675) from outside New York City. Text 311 at 311-692. Contact 311 using a Video Relay Service (VRS) at 212-NEW-YORK (212-639-9675).

Where is the 311 area code?

Area Code Listing, by State/CountryArea CodeRegionDescription311–Reserved for special applications345–Cayman Islands411–Reserved for special applications441–Bermuda (part of what used to be 809)116 more rows

What is Toronto best known for?

Toronto is known for its many skyscrapers and high-rise buildings, in particular the tallest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere, the CN Tower.

Where is the best place to live in Toronto?

Best Neighborhoods in TorontoKensington Market. This multicultural area is one of the oldest and most famous neighborhoods in the city. … Davisville Village/St. Clair. … West Queen West. … East Chinatown. … Roncesvalles. … The Junction. … Scarborough.

What is a 411 call?

411 Search is directory assistance with automatic call completion. An operator will assist you when you request: Phone numbers. Addresses. Information for almost any place of interest, like restaurants, movies or the nearest florist.

What are the 6 cities of Toronto?

On January 1, 1998, Toronto was greatly enlarged, not through traditional annexations, but as an amalgamation of the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto and its six lower-tier constituent municipalities; East York, Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, York, and the original city itself.

Is Toronto a megacity?

Toronto is now officially a megacity.

Can you text 911?

Text-to-911 is the ability to send a text message to reach 911 emergency call takers from your mobile phone or device. However, because voice calls to 911 provide more information to 911 call centers, you should always make a voice call to 911 during an emergency whenever possible.

Can I text 311 NYC?

People can access 311 over the phone, at, using Facebook or Twitter, by sending a text message to 311-NYC or through a 311 smartphone app for iPhone and Android.

Is Toronto bigger than New York?

In reality, Toronto is more like somewhere between Chicago and Philadelphia, than resembling NYC. NYC is its own league on this continent. It is larger than the sum of Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and a bunch of mid sized Canadians cities. Keep in mind that metro NYC has 22M people, while the entire Canada has 35M.

What is the difference between 311 and 911?

911 is a line for emergency response only, and a major issue they’re facing right now is people calling 911 for non-emergency reasons. Dispatchers for the non-emergency line 311, can help people get easy access to city services and information.

Is 311 anonymous NYC?

Your 311 calls are not as anonymous as they seem. … The Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications’ Dean Schloyer says that taking away anonymity might discourage people from calling; he also said that 70% of calls are for “simple information on government services.” Gothamist confesses that we LOVE 311.

How do you call Toronto City?

You can request any City service by calling 311.